In order to improve transportation and to avoid accidents, approachments at the recycling yards have been dealt with and a four lane service road parallel to the yards has been constructed. Parking provisions for trucks have also been made. Footpaths have been constructed to provide walking space for workers.
Two major RCC bridges having two-lane width are constructed across the river “Manari” and “Pashvivali”, to facilitate movement along the service road.
Construction of permanent water supply pipelines for the work place is almost complete. Ferrous scrap committee has sanctioned 50 per cent cost of this project which will be disbursed to GMB on completion of the project.
Lighting arrangements at the work sites have been improved as a measure to enhancing safety.
The training Institute at Alang has been conducting awareness training for the workers.
For emergency treatment, a Red Cross Hospital is operational at Alang. Ship-recyclers have contributed about Rs. 80 lacs for the welfare of the workers. A specialized hospital building with 25 beds is also constructed out of the above fund collected from ship-recyclers. Ferrous Scrap Committee may contribute the entire balance capital expenditure including equipments. GMB or the Health Ministry of Gujarat has been requested to take the responsibility for running the hospital as the patients would not only include the workmen of the ship-recycling industry but also a large number of people from the local population.
Satisfactory fire-fighting facilities are provided. It is heartening to note that fire incidents are now rare. This is in addition to the fire fighting facilities available at individual plots.
A landfill site next to the yard has been constructed and is already in working. It is being operated by GEPIL. FSC has contributed Rs. 2.95 crore being 75 per cent of cost of the project. All the hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated by the industry is collected and sent to the TSDF site and is handled efficiently.
Other Services

 Police Station
 Post Office
 Telephone Exchange
 Custom Office
 A movie hall for workers entertainment.