1. Training Programs :

    Capsule training programs on “Safe handling of Crane Operations” & “Training for Safe Operation of Winch” was organized by SRIA under the guidance of GMB and it was for short duration On the Job Training. The response from the members as well as from the workers was overwhelming. Certificates were awarded to workers and the plot holders in token of active participation in training programme.  Other such capsule trainings are under way.


  3. SRIA launched a Magazine, “Alang- A Green Re-Incarnation”

    Past Presidents Shri R.L.Kalathia, Shri H.K.Agarwal, Shri V.K.Gupta together with pioneers of Alang Shri Shivalal Jerambhai Dathawala, Shri Pawan kumar Jain with Shri Jiverajbhai Patel inaugurated/ launched the magazine for celebration of completion of 30 years of Alang-Sosiya Ship Recycling Yard. All were impressed with the launching of magazine as it was a need of time.

    The past presidents cherished their past in this activity, challenges they had experienced and blessed the Association for all round development and wished best of luck in the days to come.